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My background in supporting people from all walks of life with varying concerns, and my experience working with trauma has given me a strong foundation to support individuals who come to therapy with a range of issues and concerns to include depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues and difficult life changes.

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What I Offer

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Trauma Informed Work

I specialise in supporting individuals who have been affected by trauma; particularly those who have experienced sexual abuse and/or rape. I support individuals in understanding their traumatic experiences and the impact of trauma on various aspects of their lives such as self-worth, relationships and self-identity. I recognise fully that individuals have had experiences unique to them and will collaborate with you to explore what works best. I support women and men aged 13 years plus and older. I aim to make my practice a place of inclusion and work with individuals identifying as female, male and non-binary.


Veterans, Uniformed Services & Family/Carers

As a veteran I have a personal insight into some aspects of the issues and concerns that can arise from service including trauma and reintegrating into a now often unfamiliar life. I also have worked with uniformed service such as police, ambulance services, nurses, and appreciate the parallels with veterans in terms of the impact of traumatic events. Additionally, I support family and friends to not only understand their family members or friend’s behaviour but also to support them regarding the impact it has on them; which can often go unnoticed.


Children and Young People

In addition to my counselling training I hold a master’s degree in youth work and have extensive experience working with children and young people aged 13 to 18. My experience includes concerns such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, drugs and/or alcohol, and relationships. Often the gap between adults and children and young people can be vast therefore I am passionate about “starting where child/youth want to start” and will not impose my “adult views” on them. I am ready to listen, be authentically curious, and work together to understand what ever may be concerning you.


Alcohol & Substance Misuse

I have experience working in the field of substance and alcohol misuse and supporting individual to gain a level of control over their addiction or dependency enabling them to move forward in their lives. I understand that there are many complex reasons for people to use alcohol and/or drugs and that when it becomes “misuse” it can impact the individual and those that they care for and that care for them. I work with individuals to achieve an awareness into the different aspects of their use and empower them towards their goals; be that reduction in consumption or abstinence.

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