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About Me

Marc Johnson 

I am a pluralistic psychotherapist (click to find out more) and therefore my approach is deeply influenced by pluralistic values and principles.  

My practice is based around the idea that there is not a “one size fits all” approach to therapy. I work to the understanding that different things work for different people at different times. I therefore endeavour to practice in a way which takes into account what insight, knowledge and preferences one brings to therapy. Ultimately, I have a deep commitment to build an authentic relationship underpinned by collaboration, trust, and care.

Outside of the professional side of “about me” I am a father, husband, sibling, friend and proud companion of my dog Skye. I am originally from the United States, this will be noticeable in the first seconds of speaking with me, but I have also lived in Germany as well as Southwest England before making my home Scotland. Before becoming a therapist, I served in the US military for around 10 years. Upon leaving I took, for me, a courageous leap into higher education where I qualified as a Youth and Community Worker. One should know about me that I deeply value integrity, honesty, self-awareness and importantly a sizable portion of humour. When I am not working, with the family, reading, and running I can be found puttering up mountains keen to lose myself in the clouds. 

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